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Register your team by filling in the form below.
Note that you have to decide if you want to sleep at our campsite (recommended! so you do not miss the awesome party!).
The costs for the tournament are €180,- for a team (up to 12 players) and €15,- euro for each extra player.
The costs of staying at our campsite and for the breakfast will be €10,- euro on top of the tournament costs.

We will ask you to pay a small amount of the register fee upfront. Be sure to make this downpayment in time. 🙂

You will receive a confirmation of your registration immediately, make sure you check the information. Then, by the end of March, you will receive a complete invoice for your registration. IMPORTANT: There is no cash payment at the tournament itself. We ask you kindly to pay all the costs before the tournament starts. You’ll receive the information with the invoice.


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Do you want to make use of our Campsite? This way you can stay for the awesome party!
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Would you be so kind to describe your team in one or two sentences? Are you here to win the tournament or the afterparty? Or do you have any questions? All of this can be entered here!